Toll Free Service

Convergia can provide you with toll free numbers for your business, which can be used from anywhere in the world, at the lowest rates.


Lowest Rates

Convergia offers reliable, high quality domestic and international Toll Free service at the best rates available.

Business Continuity

We can switch your Toll Free numbers quickly and easily without changing any of your phone numbers.

Global Coverage

Convergia offers national & international Toll Free numbers with advanced features, so that you can maintain a “local” presence for your business throughout Canada and worldwide.

Customer Satisfaction

Accelerate productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Boost Marketing Campaigns

Boost your marketing campaigns with customizable Vanity Toll Free Numbers.

What is Toll Free Service?

Beyond the traditional or VoIP local lines, Convergia offers toll free services, commonly referred to as “1-800” numbers. Toll free numbers position your business to attract more customers, who are generally outside your local calling area.



  • Area Code Selection – eliminate calls outside of specific geographic boundaries.
  • Area Code Routing – automatically route calls based on your call center resource allocation, program parameters and hours of operation or holidays.
  • Emergency Rerouting – reroute call flow to back-up facilities to reduce downtime during outages.
  • Backed up by the secure, reliable Convergia IP network, ensuring calls are routed with minimal disruption.
  • 800, 866, 877, 888 numbers available.

Why Convergia?

One single bill
International presence
High quality at the right price
We have Consultants who understand your market and your challenges

To find out more about our rates, simply call us 1-888-369-3669 or send us an e-mail and one of our Dedicated Account Managers will call you to schedule a free on-site review of your telecom services.



Customers prefer to use a toll free number

Customers prefer using toll free numbers. By offering toll free service you are giving more potential customers the ability to reach you toll free.

What is a toll free number?

A toll free number usually begins with 1-800, 1-877, or 1-866, and enables callers to reach you toll free.

Domestic toll free numbers as well as international toll free services

Convergia has domestic toll free numbers as well as international toll free service available.

Get a toll free number for your company today and start watching your business grow today!