IT Professional Services

Data is at the heart of your business, and is critical to your company’s success.

Convergia has the technical know how to help you enhance or replace your existing technology so your company can grow and become more efficient, while seeing a return on your investment.

Convergia offers the broadest portfolio of services, along with competitive pricing for IT consulting. Our products and services provide industry-specific solutions while our consulting expertise ensures more effective, streamlined and secure systems, for your company to stay competitive and become more efficient.


Tailored and Flexible

Our customizable solutions address your business demands and can be adapted whenever needed as your business grows and evolves.

Multiple Technology Options

Convergia has a large network of technology vendors, in order to offer you the widest selection of suppliers to best meet your needs.


Convergia is global, with a large range of data centers and services.

Stronger Business Continuity

Stay protected and keep your business secure with our multiple power and uptime Service Level Agreements.

A Better Bottom Line

Our economies of scale yield significant savings and an improvement in cost efficiency for our customers.


  • IT Consulting – In-depth understanding of your IT infrastructure so you can save money while making your IT systems work smarter.
  • IT Storage and Data Management Services – A data management strategy to meets all your business needs.
  • Colocation – The space you need to install and operate your IT and communications equipment.

Why do business with Convergia?

One single bill
International presence
High quality at the right price
Our consultants who understand your market and your challenges

Our consultants understand your market and your challenges. Request a specialist

Send us an e-mail or call us toll-free at 1-888-369-3669 and one of our Dedicated Account Managers will contact you to arrange a free on-site review of your telecom services at your convenience.