Seamless IoT Connectivity Solutions for Wireless Networks and Edge Devices

• High availability, Reliable and Secure
• No Hardware Purchase, low month fee:
– Enterprise Router
– Pan-American SIM HD
• API for Managed Service Integration
• Convergia SD-WAN compatible for:
– Low latency network failover
– Traffic Shaping and QoS

• Dual SIM for Operator redundancy
• Remote Cloud Management
• Network Control and Monitoring
• PCI/HIPPA Compliant
• Zero Touch Connectivity
• 4G LTE High Data SIM with Multi-Operator

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Wireless Failover Solutions

With a wireless connection, your business can seamlessly and immediately switch from a disrupted wired connection to an always-on, high-speed, low-cost standby connection This is optimal for distributed connections.
No wiring is required.

Cost to Organization

Without a secure connection, loss of productivity and an increase in unexpected, unnecessary costs add up quickly. Whether paying workers who no longer have tasks to complete, damaging your reputation, or missing the opportunity to complete sales transactions, you can’t afford to operate without a reliable connection.

• Revenue Loss
• Productivity Loss
• Expensive Licencing

• Brand Impact
• Staffing Costs

Wired Failover Solutions

Wired solutions are often a cost-prohibitive choice that provide very little improvement in uptime. Since wired lines are most often laid in the same locations, they will likely experience the same environmental risks – and potential damage – from weather, accidents, and other factors.

Technical Complications

During outages and temporary work-arounds, your PCO compliance is at risk. Additionally, you may lose critical in-transit data in the middle of transactions, and forced rollbacks, disablements, and re-synching can wreck havoc on your business applications. Avoid these pitfalls by incorporating CxC failover into your business.

• Data Loss
• Security issues
• IT Hedaches

Protecting Your Connection 24/7

Failover involves switching to a redundant or standby internet connection that is activated if the primary connection fails or is disrupted.

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Overview for IoT Applications

Some Existing wireless protocol standards suffer from some key limitations.

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