Session Border Controller (SBC)

Convergia delivers robust security, high availability and proven interoperability with leading business solutions so that businesses can enter into a new world of SIP-based communications like Voice over IP (VoIP) safely and affordably.


Security from Attacks

SBCs are specifically designed to ensure the highest protection possible in order to avoid Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, toll fraud, and theft of service.

Better Transcoding

SBCs can support the highest levels (thousands of simultaneous sessions) of transcoding without any tradeoff of critical functionality like security or call admission control.

Performance Under Pressure

SBCs ensure peak performance, even under extreme conditions and full-fledged network attack levels.


  • Virtualized SBC
    We work with SBC leaders to offer a software-based session border controller architected for delivering unlimited scalability with all of the advanced features and functionality of top-notch SBC hardware portfolio on a virtualized platform
  • On Premise SBC
    We can support any enterprise network size, from 5 employees plus

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