Features of CloudServer

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) abstracts hardware (server, storage, and network infrastructure) into a pool of computing, storage, and connectivity capabilities delivered at a usage-based cost.

Public Cloud

The Public Cloud is a pool of computing services delivered via the Internet, usually with a “pay as you go” or “metered service” model. Public Cloud options include:

  • Shared Public Cloud: The Shared Public Cloud offers quick implementation, scalability, and low entry cost, delivered in a shared physical infrastructure where the architecture, customization, and degree of security are based on need and demand.
  • Dedicated Public Cloud: The Dedicated Public Cloud offers functionality similar to a Shared Public Cloud, but delivered through a dedicated physical infrastructure. Security, performance, and sometimes customization, are stronger in the Dedicated Public Cloud than with a Shared Public Cloud; however the cost may be higher, depending on volume.


We can move all of your business applications to the Cloud, and we can use your existing licensing or help provide licensing for whatever applications you need.


Convergia’s Cloud services outperform other Cloud offerings, and are backed by an all-10 gigabit network.

Less Risk

Owning your own infrastructure can be costly both financially and timewise. Our CloudServer minimizes the work, challenges and risks typically associated with owning your own infrastructure, while also eliminating capital expenditures. Convergia’s CloudServer lets you pay-as-you-go, with predictable, consistent monthly rates.

No More IT Headaches

Convergia’s CloudIntelligence team helps you every step of the way.

Your applications stay safe in our secure private cloud environment with encryption, firewalls, and monitoring. CloudServer uses the best technology HP and Cisco servers have to offer. Our user-friendly control panel lets you make changes whenever you want.


Our high performance Clouds and dedicated private Clouds ensure that you always have on-demand access to the applications and data you need. We manage all the installation and maintenance, backed by a 100% uptime SLA on power and IP service.

24/7/365 Support

Our IT experts are always available, so you can operate worry-free, knowing you have support whenever you need it.

Enterprise Level Infrastructure

Now you can operate like an enterprise-level organization, at a fraction of the cost it would take to own your own equipment and maintain it on a regular basis.