FAQs about CloudRecovery

Why is disaster recovery so critical?

Lack of access to key applications and data could put a company out of business. Convergia’s disaster recovery solutions ensure that a company’s information and business applications are always secure and accessible, even in the event of a crisis.

What’s the difference between Convergia’s CloudRecovery solution vs. more traditional backup plans?

The major advantages of CloudRecovery hinge on using outside, higher functioning Cloud resources for data center synchronization. Convergia’s CloudRecovery helps businesses recover from a disaster in mere minutes or hours, rather than days or weeks needed for more traditional methods. We ensure that your data is available in the event of a crisis, and offer many differentiators including scalability, reliability, recovery and peace-of-mind. We have a 100% uptime guarantee and a reliable team providing 24x7x365 monitoring and support. You pay only for what you use with our pay-as-you-go plan, while our Tier 3 Class 1 data centers ensure the highest possible levels of security and availability.

What’s the difference between CloudRecovery Back-Up and CloudRecovery Failover?

CloudRecovery Back-Up is a storage-on-demand, data storage solution giving customers complete control over the storage, distribution and retrieval of their data, by using the CloudPortal. It includes features such as NetApp FAS (Fabric Attached Storage), server image backup default to 4 times daily at 6-hour increments, and snapshots held for 2 days at default. Rapid implementation, elimination of upfront capital expenditures on hardware and ongoing maintenance, and the ability to rapidly deploy additional storage on an as-needed basis are just a few of the advantages of Convergia’s CloudRecovery solutions.

CloudRecovery Failover ensures that a company’s mission critical applications are available even during a disaster. CloudRecovery gets a business back up and running quickly in the Convergia Cloud, usually within a matter of minutes.

How is my data kept secure?

Convergia has the highest quality protection, with the most geographically diverse, SAS70, SSAE 16 Tier 3, Class 1 data centers to keep your sensitive information safely stored and encrypted. Our fault-tolerant facilities offer expected availability of 99.995%. Our cooling equipment is independently dual-powered with multiple independent power distribution paths. Our sites feature dual redundant UPS battery systems with multiple diesel generators to power the facility for seven days without primary power from utilities. Convergia’s data centers also feature on-site security guards, exterior security systems, biometric systems, digital surveillance and recording, earthquake resistance, and key card protocols. Data is replicated to our data centers multiple times a day, with government-grade AES-256 encryption.

How fast is recovery?

When the cloud is used for disaster recovery, it provides extremely speedy recovery time. Research has shown that cloud recovery fixed issues 2.1 hours faster than the average recovery time of traditional systems. Convergia’s recovery and de-duplication testing ensure that we have the fastest Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in the industry, getting businesses back up and running in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

What type of control will I have?

Convergia’s Control Panel gives the designated administrator access to the CloudRecovery services, accessible via any device with an Internet connection. This process may be used for assigning additional computing resources (e.g. CPUs and RAM) to the shadow servers and move them into production mode.

What compliance measures are in place?

Convergia meets and exceeds all security standards including HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley and more. Our top tier data encryption, protocols and procedures adhere to the highest compliances levels and ensure that customer data is secured and kept confidential.

Who is a good fit for CloudRecovery?

CloudRecovery is particularly critical for businesses that run physical servers on-site, companies that are in areas affected by national disasters and those that are heavily reliant on their data.

Do I have to be a large business to use CloudRecovery?

No. Convergia is pleased to offer the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry, so that your ability to safeguard your data isn’t limited by your budget. With Convergia you can avoid expensive upfront costs, save on equipment and maintenance costs, and find an effective solution to protect your company and information.