Features of CloudOffice

CloudOffice is an all-encompassing, cost effective Cloud solution designed with the SMB marketplace in mind.

Built of the Best Solutions

CloudOffice is a secure and robust solution set combining Convergia’s four core products and services: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and Hosted Exchange. CloudOffice also includes Microsoft Office 2013, Exchange 2013 in its base offering. Optional products are also available, including Citrix ShareFile and Wyse Zero/Thin Clients. CloudOffice can be utilized by businesses of any size.

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

Convergia’s CloudOffice solution replaces a physical IT infrastructure by moving all the customer’s applications into the Cloud, and thus eliminating the need for the client’s IT team to maintain and support the physical hardware. CloudOffice is fully backed by Active Directory architecture to simplify the deployment of user accounts.


Unlike many competitive products, CloudOffice is built with a multi-tenanted Geo Load Balanced Active/Active architecture. This design yields many benefits, and most critically, ensures that our customers’ virtual environments are built redundantly upon one another, thus resulting in the ultimate design for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Backup and Recovery

CloudOffice eliminates the need to design and implement data backup procedures as well as Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions around IT infrastructure and company data. Services are built in geographically redundant data centers in an Active/Active environment, so if the primary site for the customer’s CloudOffice services were to go offline, a secondary site would initiate and users would be routed accordingly. This architecture offers an added benefit for customers with multiple locations and/or with employees who travel, as users are automatically rerouted to the data center that is closest geographically, this ensuring the lowest latency route possible.

Virtual Desktops

The CloudOffice suite provides users with virtual desktops, also called Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Until recently, this had mainly been available only to mid-market or enterprise-sized businesses due to the amount of associated hardware, software, expertise and high cost. Convergia’s solution makes this technology affordable to any size business, increasing the portability, manageability, and compatibility of desktop environments. Virtual desktops enable employees to access their desktop environments from any device, from anywhere (with an Internet connection), anytime.

Advantages of CloudOffice

  • Access desktops and data from any device, anytime, from anywhere (with an Internet connection)
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Stronger IT policies and ease of implementation
  • Improved data security
  • Monthly subscription service with scalability
  • Includes Microsoft suite of products used most commonly in business
  • Reduces or eliminates software licensing management and software assurance

Microsoft Products

CloudOffice offers the most popular products from Microsoft. Included in the monthly subscription rate are:

  • Microsoft Office 2013 with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and OneNote
  • Microsoft Exchange 2013 for email access with dozens of features


CloudOffice enables IT staff to more efficiently manage a company’s desktop and laptop lifecycles and maintenance. With computing power and storage moved to the Cloud, traditional desktops become passive devices merely accessing the Internet via the virtual desktop. This significantly reduces the amount of time and resources spent to keep an aging desktop infrastructure running, while simultaneously making it easier to implement a new IT policy or application across a company’s desktops. From the Control Panel or via Convergia’s help desk, an administrator can enact a new policy or upgrade a program, instantaneously changing all user profiles to comply. If a user loses their laptop or their desktop implodes, valuable data won’t be lost, nor will that employee be unable to do their job for several hours or days. The IT staff simply assigns a new laptop or desktop and the user logs back into their virtual desktop, like nothing ever happened.

Document Storage Solutions

Document storage solutions are now available and for a monthly fee Convergia can manage the necessary licensing. Citrix ShareFile and InfoPreserve are robust document management systems enabling users to access data from any Internet enabled device. These solutions include customizable IT settings for added security and control. Your representatives can work on-the-go, creating and editing documents, and even adding digital signatures to close deals.

Zero Clients and Thin Clients

Zero clients or thin clients are basically devices that are considered “dumb” terminals and allow users to connect to the Internet and the virtual desktop, as well as physically connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers. The typical life cycle on these devices is five to seven years. However, if one were to fail, they are easily replaceable. By keeping a spare or two on-site, businesses can shorten downtime significantly in the event of a failure.