CloudMail Features

Our Cloud Mail Features and service stand out because we help our clients save on both short- and long-term costs, and support is included with our services. We guarantee 24x7x365 uptime and provide around-the-clock support. Some of the many advantages of our Cloud Mail Features include:

The Best Available

Enjoy the peace of mind from having built-in protection from spam, viruses, email spoofing and snooping, system downtime, and potential compliance risks. Access your information from anywhere, including email, voice mail, and calendars. The improved operational efficiency will optimize your hardworking and networking investments while increasing productivity.

Exchange 2013

Exchange protects your data and messaging system:

  • Automatic encryption at both the channel and message levels to help control data access and ensure trusted internal and external communications
  • Multi-layered, anti-spam filtering continually updated in order to protect against ongoing spam and phishing threats
  • To safeguard against malware, anti-virus solutions can be integrated throughout the Exchange 2013 network

Cloud 365 Support

  • We highly recommend going through a Microsoft Partner for support; otherwise users will need to go through foreign resources, such as India, which often prolongs support calls and extends outages and turn-up times.
  • Many companies require a separate fee for support, but Convergia offers 24x7x365 support as part of our CloudMail service; in addition, we also assign a Senior Cloud Consultant to oversee your account.

Save Money

Benefit from always having the latest version of Microsoft Exchange and keep current with technology and licensing, at an affordable rate. Our hardware includes all of the most current security updates, and our software is always up to date. Eliminate the headaches in your business, with coordinated upgrades and budgeted costs toward any required resources for completing upgrades/updates. Avoid potential downtime from upgrade failures/issues while letting users remain focused on their assigned roles.


Whether deployed on-site, in the Cloud, or using a combination thereof, Exchange 2013 will lower costs and ease the transition. Exchange 2013 reduces storage costs by providing additional storage architecture options, while hardware virtualization consolidates multiple under-utilized physical servers.

Lower Costs

The latest version of Microsoft Exchange will affordably keep you up-to-date with technology and licensing at all times.

Large Mailbox Sizes

With 25GB per mailbox, full mailboxes are a problem of the past.

Large File Attachments

CloudMail can support up to 20MB file sizes both ingoing and outgoing, enabling the easy sending of pictures, videos, and large documents.


Convergia has a secure, reliable technology platform with many industry-recognized certifications and audits. Microsoft Exchange combines built-in anti-spam and encryption technologies with an advanced anti-virus infrastructure to protect your data from a wide range of possible security threats.

Fast Deployment Time

Add users whenever needed, with our CloudPortal. Initial migration and installation can be done in just 30 days. Expedites are also available.

Eliminate Hardware Refresh

We offer pay-as-you-go pricing, eliminating hardware acquisition costs while you pay only for the capacity you need. We handle all of the hardware management so that you can focus on your core responsibilities.

Benefits of Convergia’s CloudMail Services

  • Project Management and migration from start to finish
  • Hosted Exchange 2013
  • Seamless Outlook 2003 to 2013 Upgrade
  • 100% retention and migration of data
  • Web App at no extra charge
  • Microsoft Forefront content filtering
  • Unlimited ActiveSync sessions
  • Citrix Portal Control Panel
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Hosted in our Tier 3 Class 1 data centers
  • Fully redundant power, cooling and network
  • 25GB mailboxes included
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Data redundancy included with no added fees
  • Access to email using smartphones, iPads, and laptops/PCs
  • Outlook Web App
  • Web-based email experience
  • Encryption
  • Intra-organizational
  • Inter-organizational
  • IRM Support
  • S/MINE support
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-virus
  • Email archiving and retention

Mail Advantages

Convergia’s CloudMail eliminates ongoing budgeting concerns while enhancing the end-user experience. Some expenses that our service reduces/removes include:

  • Hardware and software
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Equipment refreshes
  • Upgrades/re-purchasing (otherwise typically required every 3 years)
  • Upgrades
  • Hardware patched with all of the latest security updates
  • All of our software is current
  • No need to plan for upgrades, budgeting costs toward resources completing upgrades/updates, lack of support and/or downtime due to upgrade failures/issues, or limiting users from their main role in order to complete or wait for upgrades

NOTE: When paired with DaaS (Desktop as a Service), email management solutions have been enhanced with a user-friendly Control Panel. Our Cloud Control Panel provides end-to-end administration for everything-desktops, email, file sharing, user/service provisioning, etc.