Cloud Mail

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Convergia is the industry leader in the delivery, design, and support of Microsoft Exchange, offering a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement on CloudMail and world-class support. Avoid the costs and hassle of having to purchase, set up, and manage your own servers.


Access email anywhere, anytime via a mobile device or PC


Enhanced collaboration through shared calendars and scheduling


Secure email and virus protection


24x7x365 customer service and support


Daily backups and 30 days of deleted data recovery


Advanced email encryption, with policy-based Encryption Gateway


Active Directory integration


Compliant archiving, legal hold, and eDiscovery


Web-based tools for migrating mail


Professional Services


Simply The Best Available Anywhere

It’s Easy

Exchange 2013 protects your data and messaging system, while giving you a familiar Web-based experience with more flexibility and accessibility. Your inbox is automatically updated with ActiveSync, keeping your data accurate and always up to date. Much of the information organizations use regularly is contained in emails, so the need to protect and easily locate this data is crucial to business. Exchange 2013 ensures that email is searchable, with legally-compliant archiving for all users. Exchange 2013 includes increased storage performance and resiliency features , and enables everyone to keep track of everything easily and accessibly.

Secure Messaging with CloudMail

Our Secure Messaging platform is a cloud-based solution for protecting and tracking email, enabling file sharing, and providing data leak prevention. Messages and documents can be sent and tracked securely with any device (BYOD), anytime, anywhere.

The Secure Messaging platform is being adopted by SMB as well as enterprise and government sectors, replacing complex, traditional encryption products.

In the Cloud

Compatible with any email address or email server, including Hosted Microsoft Exchange, the Secure Email platform is offered as a service (Cloud On-demand). With a zero download approach, it doesn’t replace an existing email server or current email address; rather, new recipients are invited to join the customer-branded Secure Portal as a ‘Guest User’, free of charge. In addition, an optional Cloud Gateway provides enterprise-grade protection for small and large deployments.

Key Differentiators:

  • Quick and easy cloud deployment without the need for any hardware installation; seamless integration with current email infrastructure
  • Superior end-user experience accelerates product adoption
  • Functionality such as message tracking, For Your Eyes Only and policy controls are backed with 7 granted USPTO patents
  • Users continue using their familiar already existing email addresses and programs

Ideal for Compliance-Based Industries


Many Advantages of Hosted Microsoft Exchange:


Archiving, Retention, Discovery

Have your business email, calendar and contacts available on your PC, smartphone and Web browser. Stay in control by customizing your solution to your specific needs. .Microsoft Exchange offers built-in integrated email archiving, retention and discovery capabilities that save costs and simplify your business communications.


Outlook Web App

Enjoy increased efficiency and productivity across platforms and locations by enabling access to email, voice mail, instant messaging, SMS text messages and more inside all popular browsers, using Outlook Web App in Microsoft Exchange. Users can stop switching between applications, thus making their communications experience more powerful within the Outlook Web App.


Advanced Security

We offer the highest standards of physical and digital security for your data, with reliable monitoring and support from our team. We are dedicated to providing first-class support, along with a 24x7x365 uptime guarantee. Microsoft Exchange combines built-in anti-spam and encryption technologies with an advanced anti-virus infrastructure for comprehensive protection from a wide range of security threats.


Management Tools

Email is crucial to your business, but managing an in-house Exchange server can be costly, time consuming and full of hassles. Avoid such worries by taking advantage of the full functionality of your Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server, working with an external service provider. Enjoy the latest version of Microsoft Exchange and always have the most up-to-date software and security upgrades. CloudMail will save short- and long-term costs while our team provides full support.

Are You Ready for CloudMail?

Delivered as a hosted service from Microsoft, Exchange offers a high standard of physical and digital security, while at the same time giving you the control and reliability you need. Microsoft Exchange online provides business-class email, calendar and contacts to your PC, phone and Web browser.

Upgrade to Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2013 without the cost or hassles of having to buy, set up and manage your own in-house servers.